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Doc. Campus Masterschool | Sheffield | Day #2: Trailers

Today we learned the art of fundraising trailers from the Documentary Doctor, Fernanda Rossi

The energy with which she delivered her lecture was infectious and with her son, Milo, as her willing assistant the day was enjoyable and incredibly productive.

She provided us with the practical tools to breaking down and rebuilding trailers, with the basics of the “Opening”, “Middle" and "End”, namely the “Cliffhanger”.

Whether topic driven or character driven, you should open with something that hits the gut of your audience; make them laugh or make them gasp. 

Then, show the audience some scenes from your story…show them, succinctly, the depth of the character or topic.

Then finish with the all important cliffhanger…leave them wanting more!!

The trailer should work in unity with the written proposal and the verbal pitch.  These three elements, the TRAILER, TREATMENT, and PITCH are the Holy Trinity that should always compliment each other.

To get ALL the tips on the how to make a successful fundraising trailer, then look no further than Fernanda’s book, Trailer Mechanics: How To Make Your Documentary Fundraising Trailer.