Day #3: Doc. Campus Masterschool | Potsdam | Individual meetings with Joel/Mark/Sam

Last night we watched Mark Atkin’s recommendation for a perfect film, Mrs Carey’s Concert, a wonderful heart warming story made by Bob Connolly and Sophie Raymond about a music school working towards a final performance at the Sydney Opera house.  I can see many similarities with Paa Joe’s dream to come to the UK and build a coffin for exhibition.

We then had individual meetings with Mark Atkin and we discussed the treatment in detail and the elements that we need for the pitch.  It’s difficult to figure out what information we need to deliver in our 7 minute slot at Leipzig!

We then had a fantastically helpful meeting with Joel Wykeham who went through our budget with a fine tooth comb. After that, we discussed how our project has developed with Sam Anthony and Andre Singer . In between these one to one meetings we made changes to our budgets/treatments and editing the trailer. We finished the evening with a wonderful BBQ at Donata’s house (the director of DCM), where we kicked back and relaxed together around a fire.