Doc. Campus Masterschool | Potsdam | Day #1: Trailer Update with Sam Anthony & Philip’s Birthday

Today we discussed and scrutinised one another’s trailers with our new tutor, Sam Anthony.

We quickly discovered that the 2 main problems of trailers in general are:

-  they’re too long

-  they’re too unfocussed

When they show these two problems then the “teaser tape” / “trailer” / “sizzle reel” (whatever you want to call it) won’t do what it needs to do - travel without you.

The trailer needs to sell your idea and you as a filmmaker and needs to do it on it’s own.  Imagine a financier taking it to their colleagues - how is the trailer going to sell itself and you when you’re no there to explain it?

In the pitching process of your project, the trailer is second in line, snuggled between that first email you send and the treatment that you write…

1 - Email pitch - which TELLS the reader what you want to show them

2 - Trailer - SHOWING

3 - Treatment - the APPENDIX, explaining the details of your project

In all of stages, you must always be thinking of PROPOSITION vs PURPOSE

-  What are you proposing?

-  Why are you proposing it and why should someone give you the money to make it?

If you can nail all of the above, then you’re in a pretty good position.

The day was finished off with Weissbier, cake and pizza for Philip’s Birthday.  Wunderbar!!! 

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