Doc. Campus Masterschool | Sheffield | Day #3: Pitching

Last night, we all joined the Germans for their game against Portugal in the Euros so were a little slow at starting the pitching workshops with Sibylle Kurz this morning. Fortunately we were quickly reinvigorated with the task of pitching someone else’s project from within the group. We were paired with Houston, We Have A Problem, from our Slovenian class mates Ziga and Bostjan Virc.

We received some very useful lessons from Sibylle. One lesson which stood out from her instructions was to make sure the investors know at what stage you are in production – this will enable you to avoid awkward questions about where you are at and what you have or haven’t already achieved.

We then had a brilliant meeting with Andre Singer, an anthropologist and filmmaker who has worked in the industry for many years, setting up the original Storyville strand on the BBC, and has produced many of Werner Herzog films. He had some great stories to share! Herzog is an incredible filmmaker in my eyes and I have watched a lot of his films.

Andre had some fantastic advice for us as well as some possible options that would help the project to move forward.