Doc. Campus Masterschool | Sheffield | Day #1: Crowd-Funding

Yesterday, the very lovely and incredibly busy Charlie Phillips, Director of the Meet Market at Sheffield Doc/Fest, gave an inspirational talk on the beauty and importance of Crowd Funding.

Quote of the day:  “Yes, crowd-funding is very un-European but get over it and take pride in your work”. 

Some of the Do’s and Don’ts…

DO crowd fund for specific things, e.g. studio time, travel & accommodation costs.

DON’T try to crowd fund the entire film, it’ll never happen.

DO reach out to people / groups who can spread the word for you.

DON’T directly reach out to people / groups just to ask them for money.

DO keep you funders regularly updated with what’s going on with YOU and your PROJECT.

DON’T bombard them with emails saying “We still need x amount of money”.

Crowd-funding is important, highly respected and very well represented. 

17 films at this year’s Sundance Film Festival were Kickstarter films.

15% of films at this year’s SXSW were Kickstarter films.

If you’re going to do the crowd-funding thing then be prepared to PLAN.

PLAN your team

PLAN your daily out-put

PLAN who you are going to target and how

PLAN your costs and include them into the overall target.

If you want further tips on successful crowd-funding then take note from Jennifer Fox, director of My Reincarnation, a crowd-funding campaign that exceeded its target by over $100,000!!!

You can watch her Top Tips Video by clicking here.

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