An introduction to the campus with Mark Atkin & Manuela Winkler

We started the day with a bizarre breakfast of chocolate museli and boiled eggs then made our way down to the seminar room.  The chairs were in a full circle with welcome packs on each one.  When chairs are laid out in such a way you know there is going to be a let’s-all-get-to-know-one-another session…a time in which you talk about yourself and ultimately say everything you don’t want to and forget everything you should.  But Mark, who was leading this session, eased the tension by introducing us to the “Name Game”.

One by one we did have to introduce ourselves but in a way that probably none of us had ever done before…we were to tell the room our name and a story surrounding it.  My name’s Anna and all I know is that my Dad had a crush on Anna Ford and my Mum thought the name was “classic”.  Throughout my life I’ve been known as Anna-Banana and Spanner, neither one attractive nor classic.  Ben likened himself to a dog and told that if his wife had double-barralled her maiden and married names then their son would ultimately be called Bryn Jolly-Wigley.  Needless to say we now all know each other’s names.

Manuela spoke to us about the grants that each project is eligible to apply for.  One team member is entitled to up to 3,400 Euros to use on internships, visiting assigned mentors or to attend film festivals.  This is so fantastic and we’re really looking forward to meeting our mentors and making connections once the first workshop is over.

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